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Clackmannanshire Architectural Design

We were tasked with this Clackmannanshire Architectural Design project, which comprised the conversion of a listed commercial unit into a smaller unit and 2 bedroom flat. Our design services had to retain the original character of the building whilst ensuring the space was maximized for our client. This was particularly challenging due to the limited space available. As such we recommended and undertook pre-application consultations with the local authority to ensure that our proposals met compliance. 


Our services on this Clackmannanshire Architectural Design project included:


- Initial consultation 

- Measured survey 

- Preparation of existing CAD plans, elevations & sections 

- Scheme proposal / feasibility CAD drawings 

- Consultation meeting with local authority & pre-application advice

- Development of CAD drawings to Planning & Listed Building Consent stage 

- Submission of Planning & Listed Building Consent Applications

- Liaison with Clackmannanshire Planning Department to achieve consent 

- Development of CAD drawings, technical details & specification to Building Warrant stage

- Obtaining competitive quotations from Structural Engineers

- Liaison / design coordination with Structural Engineer

- Liaison with Clackmannashire Building Control to achieve Warrant 

- Principal Designer role to statutory consent stage in compliance with CDM2015. 


This Clackmannashire Architectural Design project presented some challenges due to the listed status of the building, the space available and the compliance with Building Standards required with particular respect to fire and acoustic detailing. This tested our knowledge of the building regulations and CAD drawing skills. 


The images to the right have been extracted from our CAD drawings and show the proposed plans, elevations and sections, which were required for the statutory consent applications.