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Heriot - Steading

We were tasked with this Scottish Borders Architectural Design project in Heriot, our client was the owner of a converted farm steading, the rear wall of which retained an access road. Our client was concerned about the future of the wall should structural or moisture ingress defects materialize and wanted a proposal drawn up to demonstrate how the access road could be re-routed or re-graded. We carried out the following Scottish Borders Architectural Design Services: 

- Review of available information

- Obtaining OS map from Promap software 

- Land leveling survey using theodolite

- Measured survey using laser disto & tape 

- Compilation of existing survey drawings incl plan & section 

- Proposal drawings showing how road could be regraded

- Agreeing proposals with client 

We managed to demonstrate how the access road could be re-graded and showed different options including the formation of retaining walls, sloped embankments and alterations to the layout. Our Scottish Borders Architectural Design Services enabled our client to have a CAD drawing showing a cost effective option to secure the future of the converted steading. 

We have provided some images from our CAD drawings to the column on the right as well as a photograph of our Chartered Surveyor mid-survey.