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Edinburgh Structural Surveyor

LBES can provide the following Edinburgh Structural Surveyor services in the Edinburgh & Lothian's region: 

  • Structural Survey (Scheme 3): Full elemental condition survey comprising a detailed analysis of a properties structure, fabric and finishes with a Structural Survey report detailing the properties condition, identified defects, compliance with statue, proposed remedial measures and budget costs for repairs with appended record photographs and drawings. Edinburgh Structural Surveying can provide structural surveys for a range of properties from domestic dwellings, historic buildings to office premises. 
  • Pre-Acquisition Survey: Carried out as part of the due diligence process prior to securing a lease or purchasing a property. This survey reviews the buildings condition, wants of repair, repairing obligations, compliance with statue and suitability for the proposed use as well as an assessment of the statutory consents required for the client's intended works and use. Edinburgh Structural Surveying has particular expertise in this field. 
  • Schedule of Condition Survey: Carried out prior to securing a lease or pre-construction. This survey report evidences a properties condition at a snap shot in time to limit the client's repairing liability at a later date. This document often appends a lease or forms the basis for a contractor and property owner to sign and agree the condition of a property prior to construction works going ahead. 
  • Defects Survey: Carried out post construction or post acquisition to identify defective workmanship, lack of maintenance, non-compliance issues and the like. 
  • DDA Audit: Carried out to determine a properties level of compliance with the Disabilities Discrimination Act. This survey looks at approach routes, access provision, ramps, stairs, intercoms, induction loops, way finding, sanitary facilities and the like. 
  • Roof & Stonework Surveys: Usually carried out from 'cherry picker' to determine level of decay and wants of repair on historic properties prior to implementing a common repairs scheme. Edinburgh structural survey can provide annotated drawings showing areas of stone decay, required repairs and provide budget costing. 
  • Dilapidation's Surveys: Implemented during or towards the end of a lease to determine tenant's compliance with repairing obligations with a schedule of wants of repair prepared thereafter. Edinburgh Structural Surveyor can provide services for both the Landlord and Tenant with respect to provision of initial schedules and budget costs.  
  • Rope Access Survey - High level rope access assessment of all areas in conjunction with qualified roofers and stonemasons to provide comprehensive review of your property getting benefit of a surveyors impartiality balanced with a contractors knowledge. 

The following photo's demonstrate defects we have picked up on our recent Edinburgh Structural Surveys: from top to bottom:  

Photo 1 - Bossed cement fillets & de-laminating skew stones. 

Photo 2 - Moisture ingress due to defective upstand @ external parapet. 

Photo 3 - Defective lead flashing.

We have recently invested in a thermal imaging camera, which is proving useful for identifying dampness, missing insulation, poor detailing and the like. This is now a staple tool on all of our building surveys to provide back up to visual assumptions and moisture meter readings. 

LBES has recently provided the following clients with Edinburgh Structural Surveying services:

  • NHS Education for Scotland
  • Capital Credit Union
  • CHAS - Children's Hospices Across Scotland 
  • Blackwood Housing Association 
  • Londons Pride Ltd 
  • Stobo Castle 
  • St Johns Church 
  • Happimag Hotels 
  • Ibis Hotel

LBES is an Edinburgh Structural Surveyor who is fully insured and holds Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances with an RICS approved insurance broker. We are happy to provide copies of our insurances upon request and we are regulated by the RICS.