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Blackwood Group - Fire Evacuation Plans 

Our client Blackwood Group tasked us with this Edinburgh Fire Safety project, which comprised completion of Fire Evacuation Plans for several nursing homes throughout Scotland to address issues raised in the Fire Risk Assessments for the properties. Our Edinburgh Fire Safety services included: 

- Analysis of existing information provided 

- Measured survey of properties 

- Recording of fire safety features within properties 

- Compilation of CAD drawings for each property 

- Mark up of CAD drawings with Fire Safety features added

- Mark up of CAD drawings with Fire Escape Routes 

- Finalizing layout drawings with the client 

As an additional Edinburgh Fire Safety service we were also asked to overlay our drawings demonstrating the fire alarm zones for the fire alarm panels.

We have provided example images to the right from our CAD drawings to demonstrate this Edinburgh Fire Safety Project. Please note that we can also provide the following fire safety services:

- Fire Risk Assessments

- Fire Log Books

- Development of Fire Safety Maintenance Regimes

- Development of Fire Safety Procedures

- Fire Evacuation Plans

- Fire Strategy Plans

Our surveyor holds a NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management qualification and is well versed in different forms of construction from his background as a chartered building surveyor.