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High Street Dalkeith - Building Surveying

We were tasked with this Midlothian Building Surveyor project on the main High Street of Dalkeith. The property comprises a listed traditionally constructed commercial building with retail accommodation on the ground floor level and offices & storage above. Our client was the landlord for the property and the tenants had been reporting issues of moisture ingress through the roof. We were initially commissioned to carry out the following Midlothian Building Surveyor services: 

- Inspect areas affected by moisture ingress and verify extent. 

- Condition survey of roof identifying defects utilizing building pathology knowledge to determine sources of ingress. 

- Provision of technical report thereafter with annotated photographs demonstrating issues, likely causes, proposed remedies and budget costs. 

We identified that the source of the moisture ingress was due to defective stone skew & fillet details at slate abutments at the front of the property and defective flat roof upstands to a parapet at the rear of the property as well as blocked gutters all round. Our client then commissioned us to carry out the following Midlothian Building Surveyor services: 

- Obtain competitive quotation from reputable contractors 

- Meet contractors on site to agree quotations 

- Review & adjudicate quotations provided

- Bottom out anomalies with contractors quotations

- Appoint contractor on behalf of client 

- Ensure compliance with CDM2015

- Contract Administrate site works overseeing contractors works 

- Agree satisfactory completion 

- Review final invoice ensuring compliance with original quotation 

Our proposed remedial strategy was to remove the cement fillets to the front skews, install lead water-gates and cap the defective stone skews with lead. This created a robust, water-tight detail, whilst retaining the original stonework, which was beneficial from a conservation point of view and in keeping with the listed status of the property. We proposed clearing out the gutters, ensuring free flowing, cleaning down the rear flat roof, forming new upstands and applying a cap sheet to the existing flat roof. This avoided disturbing the original covering, which was in sound condition, whilst forming a water-tight finish and resolving the issues with the defective upstands. Localized roughcasting and timber replacement was also carried out during the works. 

We have provided some photographs to the right showing before and after shots of the affected areas for this Midlothian Building Surveyor project. We are pleased to note that the water ingress issues have now been resolved.